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Dave Dicks announces a primary objective is to help Iowa Republican candidates get elected

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My name is Dave Dicks.  I am a candidate for the Republican National Committeeman.  I believe it is time for a new National Committeeman.  With the election of Donald Trump in 2016, Republicans across America sent a message that was loud and clear; No more status-quo.  I believe Iowa Republicans have had enough with the status-quo.

Iowa needs some clear changes inside party leadership.  I, and many others, think one of the biggest changes needs to happen at the level of the National Committeeman.  While our existing National Committeeman touts that he is the single greatest reason that Iowa has remained first in the nation caucus status, he has been a virtual no-show with regard to being an active leader in the areas that are most significant to the success of the Republican Party in Iowa.

As your new National Committeeman, I have determined four essential items must remain a priority, which I will maintain; getting Trump another victory in Iowa on election day, continue to fight to keep Iowa the first caucus in the nation, maintain a constitutionally conservative platform and ensure ultimate victory for Republicans in Iowa!

As your new National Committeeman, these four things will remain a constant focus.  I have been involved in Iowa politics for over 10 years.  In 2010 I ran for State Representative on the Republican ticket.  I ran against an incumbent, Rick Olson, who remains in office to this day.  Upon losing my contest, I remained determined to stay in the fight. 

I became a volunteer for Presidential Campaigns, US Senate Campaigns, State Senate Campaigns and State Representative Campaigns.  In the process of gaining that experience, I became more interested in the internal aspects of our party.  I have long enjoyed the caucus to convention process.  That led me to many additional activities in our party including Caucus Chair, County Delegate, District Delegate and State Delegate.  I also served the conventions as Secretary, Sound Coordinator, Credentials Committee, Rules Committee, Organizational Committee and Platform Committee.  I also served for two years as the Polk County Central Committee Secretary.  Additionally, I played a key role in helping our current Chair and Co-Chair gain their victories as Polk GOP leaders.

Born and raised in Iowa, I have a natural love for the success of our state.  I am a dedicated husband of 26 years and father of four adult children.  Two of my children serve in our military and two of them are in the emergency services.  My wife and I run a small business that stretches over 35 counties in the state of Iowa.  My life experiences contribute greatly to how well I will serve you and all Republicans in our great state.

One of the biggest things that make me different from the current National Committeeman is that I have a plan for the future of our party.  I am a visionary thinker with the ambition to do something great!  It is time for a new National Committeeman because it is time we expect more!  My plan revolves around the idea of Empowering Iowa Republicans.  We will do that by implementing a four-pillar system of Mobilization, Integration, Cooperation and Education.  It’s success translates into is ultimate Iowa Republican victory! 

I would like to ask for your support.  If you believe Iowa needs a new National Committeeman, I invite you to join me in this cause.  I look forward to being in touch with you by phone.  Please go to my facebook page, Dave Dicks for National Committeeman to watch my videos, especially “Reason number 16: we need a new National Committeeman who will be more active! The videos explain the reasons why I am running for National Committeeman.  Together, we can be greater than ever.



Dave Dicks

Candidate for National Committeeman

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