Bringing Iowa Republicans together,

ready to take action.

  Mobilization is an action word.  In my plan, it describes the process of assembling and making ready the greatest number of volunteers as possible in every precinct in the state. 

The goal is to produce a ready-made army of activists.  This will allow our party to provide instant help to Republican candidates.  One of the most consistent problems for county organizations is volunteer help.  This often creates a problem in raising funds to operate a successful process and assist Republican candidates.  By creating an initiative to work through “precinct impact committees” to mobilize the Republicans in each neighborhood, we will dramatically minimize the problem of hands-on-deck.  This will make every volunteer’s task easier because the heavy weight of the work will be spread to a greater number of people.

In turn, this will build a desire for other conservative independent voters to strongly consider registering as a Republican.  There are many likeminded folks out there who would register as Republicans if we’d just start actively asking and produce good, visible results.  Through this, we may even see a few Democrats converted!

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