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An Uncommon Passion

Dave was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1971.  For the first 4 and a half years of his life, Dave grew up in an abusive home.  There he experienced a life of extreme neglect and physical beatings.  One day his uncle approached his boss and asked if he and his wife would be interested in adopting his nephew.  It was not long after that, Dave was removed from the abusive situation and officially became adopted by the Dicks family.  The Dicks family was a hard-working family.  His father, Richard, ran a local contracting business as a remodeler and his mother worked at home to ensure that the family had their domestic cares in good order.  

Dave attended public school and graduated from Des Moines East in 1989.  The following December he accepted an opportunity to become an intern with TIME Ministries in Monterrey Mexico.  During his time in Mexico, Dave lived with a Mexican family who spoke only Spanish.  This gave him the opportunity to learn Spanish by emersion. 

In the Fall of 1990, He began his freshman year at the Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, IL.  Dave's major was Pastoral Theology.  During the summer between his Junior and Senior years, Dave married his wife, Tina (Koestner) Dicks.

After Dave's Senior year, he and his wife remained in Chicago and the sub-burbs for another 6 years.  During that time Dave worked in Sales and bought their first home.  While there They had their first two kids, Jacob and Caleb.

Times in Chicago were brought to an end for Dave and his family in the year 2000.  After acquiring a new job in Des Moines, where they could be closer to family, he and his family moved to Des Moines.  In 2001, Dave and Tina were blessed with twin daughters, Allison and Madison.

Today, the four kids are adult children.  Jacob is a paramedic with the Kansas City Fire Department, Caleb is a Marine security guard for an American Embassy, Allison has enlisted into the Navy and Madison is working on becoming an EMT.  

From the year 2000 until 2016, Dave worked in the construction industry.  For about 12 years, Dave was his own contractor.  In 2016, Dave and his wife started a fundraising event business together, which they still operate to this day.

Dave became interested in politics in 2010.  That year he decided to run for State Representative.  His contest was against incumbent Democrat, Rick Olson. Dave did not win that seat but it served as a great experience and the beginning of Dave's quest to make a difference.  With experience running a campaign of his own, Dave is equipped to be laser-focused on helping identify strong candidates whom he can help coach through the process of running a campaign.

His political experience has become broad since running for State House.  He has been actively involved with Republican politics now for ten years.    His experience is extensive at serving on the ground level, helping candidates and being a volunteer with many campaigns from presidential to U.S. Senate to Iowa legislative races.  While being involved in these ways, Dave became more educated and interested in the internal aspects of party politics.  He enjoys the caucus-to-convention process which he has participated in for nearly 8 years.  His involvement has included serving as a caucus chair and a delegate to county, district and state conventions.  At the conventions, he has served as Secretary and as a member of the Credentials, Rules, Organization and platform committees.  Additionally, Dave has served as the Polk County Central Committee Secretary.  This experience in leadership has helped pave a way for Dave to be ready to serve at a larger level.

Dave believes that it is time for a new National Committeeman.  Many Iowa Republicans agree that it is time.  Dave decided to become a candidate because he wants to serve Iowa Republicans in this capacity.  Dave is a visionary thinker.  Dave has the kind of determination to lead from the front.  He will get in the trenches and help the Republican party be successful at all levels of the state.  

Dave has a clear vision for the future of the Republican Party of Iowa and how the party relates to the RNC.  In addition, he believes that a good leader should always be prepared with a plan of action.  With a passion to activate the base and ensure that every Iowa Republican has a voice, Dave has such a plan.  Born out of the idea that our leaders should be about the work of Empowering Iowa Republicans, he has developed a four-pillar system; Mobilization, Integration, cooperation, and Education.  As simple as it can be said, this is a plan with a common-sense approach that puts the power of ultimate success in the hands of the county leadership and to the most basic precinct levels while tasking district and state leadership with facilitating resources, recruitment, and activity in order to augment the work that is being done by our county leadership, unto the success and election of all Republican Candidates.  It is a plan for the ultimate Republican Victory in Iowa.

Dave is ready to serve every Iowa Republican, the Republican Party of Iowa and as an active member of the Republican National Committee.  You will be very proud to have Dave as your new National Committeeman.

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