Why Four Pillars?

Pillars are an object of strength

One of the most significant responsibilities for a leader is to provide clarity and transparency to those who have elected them to be in a leadership position.  In large part, the Four Pillars exist to ensure that clarity is created and transparency is provided by our leadership.  This is why, as the new National Committeeman for Iowa Republicans, I intend to help provide more opportunities for you to be better informed about the matters that pertain to you as a Republican and as it relates to real success in your Presidential races, congressional districts, Senate districts, House districts, your counties and how it specifically affects the measure of successes at your precinct level.  The four pillars emphasize the importance for our party to have particular success at the most basic, grassroots level because the larger body of the party is not able to have ultimate victory if all the thousands of the smaller parts are not experiencing their own individual success.  This is why the Four Pillars are so important, they are representative of a ground-up concept and not a top-down hierarchy. 

Ultimate Republican success cannot be properly completed by only a few people at the "top".  While those officials at the top are very important for the success of the party, their role is one of "servant representative".  They are to be part of the critical process of making sure the party remains strong and strives to get stronger, among their responsibilities.  Though, the very hard work of making that happen lies in the hands of thousands of Republicans across our great state.  It must be a Cooperative.  

The delegates of this party elect their leaders.  As a Cooperative, it requires a mutual sense of responsibility and accountability.  In order for clarity to be a reality, a way of accomplishing clarity needs to be established.  The Four Pillars provide a framework to help establish that clarity.  

In addition, there must be an action plan in order to expect any sort of ultimate victory.  The Four Pillars will set out to establish an action plan as a proposed way Republicans across Iowa can attain such victory and, hopefully, at an optimum level.  As an organization, our target is the election of Republican Candidates and the pursuit of a well maintained and conservative platform.  With the aim that our elected officials will introduce bills that will become good legislation in accordance with our standards which are grounded in traditional constitutional ideals.  When we have accomplished this at every level, we have achieved the ultimate victory.  

The concept of the Four Pillars came about as a means to accomplish that goal.  It is relatable to the military; no military can achieve ultimate victory in battle if it has not vigorously mobilized people, nor can it be effective if it has not integrated those people with strategy and technology to fight fire with fire, nor is it able to be in harmony where it is not cooperative and thus efficiently communicating in the midst of its ranks in order to be aware of the way in which it may win and certainly no army that has been mobilized, integrated and cooperating could ensure optimum success if there had never been education and training in the arts of battle and the tasks to which they will be asked to perform.  

This is where the concept of the four pillars originated.  We are not an "army", but we are doing battle.  We are battling for the future of our state, our country and a future that will irrevocably affect our prosperity and our posterity.  How is it that a leader might expect to engage in such a battle without having thought through a battle plan of his own?  I dare not think that any person who might expect to be an elected servant leader to a people might consider doing so without a plan.  

The four pillars are a plan for the ultimate Republican victory.  This is why as a candidate who is serious about being your new National Committeeman, I shall make a proposal upon these Four Pillars.

May God bless our great state and the United States of America!

Dave Dicks

Candidate for Iowa National Committeeman

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